Passing by

When I look at life, I see what is real
and what passes away.
I feel that I am only passing by.
My materiality is a shell
that I temporarily inhabit.
Nothing in the material world will last.
It is simply a temporary abode for a purpose.

Purpose, the key.
We are here to make a mark.
We are individual and collective.
We are one and many.
We are part and whole.
We are within and without.
We live that tension.
We are past, present and future.

When we know this,
what purpose does it serve
to destroy the land and pollute
the water and air that hold life on earth?
What purpose does mental and physical
violence against nature and people achieve?
Weaving the threads of all life forms
back into a whole sacred garment
is why we are here.
We are here to grow our inner self
and return to Source, in full bloom.
We are part of everything around us.
We are indivisible.
We do not live by bread alone.

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