Inter-being is the space

that connects and threads.

The earth speaks.

The soul trembles, walking blind

in the dark.

Terrifying, the step of conquering


Weeds grow beneath my feet

whenever doubt clouds my mind.


The path is walking me,

I surrender ego to the inner light.

Hour after hour beats and time

loses its hold.

Choice disintegrates when nature

is in place.

Custodian of the earth and sea,

heritage of the gods, trampled by

outer growth.

Separation from nature makes

one an exile

from one’s true Self.Image



From dust to dust.

the call of darkness,

awaits us all

when the light of our life

turns grey before time.

The walk is tough,

the road rocky,

My feet weary, I hardly see

glimpses of my destiny.

But for the winged dreams of

lofty soul,

But for faith that needs to be


I would have turned around.

 (published in Waves & Winds, Institute of Cultural Affairs, April 2013)