Trip to Cancun, Mexico

Rebecca Ruiz, Deborah Ruiz Wall and Sarah Ruiz Munsayac – we, three sisters took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. In Cancun, we took a tour of Chichen Itza, Tulum & Coba, sites of  Mayan culture that gave evidence of the inquiring minds of Mayan people who were eager to tap into what they believed to be the source of cosmos energy. The first image depicts a small pyramid that visitors often climb up to the apex. We didn’t go up ourselves. The second show columns on a platform perhaps belonging to a site of the warrior class. The third depicts the head of a serpent. It is interesting to note that many Indigenous cultures have a space that endows meanings in the representation of serpents, snakes or in the case of the Chinese, dragons in the cosmos. The fourth picture is of our Mayan tour guide, Antonio with the tres hermanas.

pyramid a   columns  Head of the serpent  with Antonio, tour guide

At the end of our two-day intensive tours, we had a Mayan-Mexican meal in the main Cancun township. Jimmy, the waiter had suggested that we put on Mexican sumbreros as a souvenir of our Mexican adventure. (Left) Sarah who lives in South Hayward, San Francisco, (middle) Rebecca who lives in Penshurst in Sydney and (right) Deborah from Newtown, Sydney.

Mexican sumbreros 1

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