Finding refuge

my prayer

The train of thought meanders,
my right brain spins out of control.
My left, on dead ground zero,
tired of trying, rejection shadowing
the daffodils in my imaginary hideaway,
I’m not broken yet, but my pathway is hazy,
I live inside constructed bubbles
that burst unconscious dreams,
ride high on endless rainbows
that no one has ever seen,
life challenges life, my eyes
wet from time to time from empathy,
refugees that find no refuge,
lands for survival sought,
always oceans away,
the mysterious abyss swallows
dead expectations, occasionally
washed away young bodies
reach the shorelines
and pull the heartstrings of all.
Are you surprised to find the ground

of our humanity?
My train of thought meanders,
light flickers from a tunnel:
a call of loss, that spaceless space of thoughtless thought
warns when we hear our otherness scream!

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