The walk

Fitzroy crossing

Time is not in our hands some say.
We find ourselves in strange places,
companions appear in our walk in life
who share our time space until the experience
of togetherness gradually blurs
into capsules of memories.

Life is the unfolding of mystery,
the unknown that walks us,
and by living truth,

we play a part in courting revelations
that seep slowly in our hearts like a gift bestowed
or strike us like lightning

when we are not looking,
leading to a new kind of knowing
that springs from looking inward

so that we get to see our part
in the universe of the meaning we seek,

part of the integrated and interacting whole
that does not keep still yet brings us complete stillness.

How can one believe that our breath of life
is a random moment, a happening that has no source,
a black hole of sheer emptiness?
Light and darkness dance the becoming,
and we live a paradox like a puzzle to unravel, synthesise
and resolve, for seekers seek to become a citizen
of the ground of being.

Like a parable, revelation breaks open
the path to awakening.

The human spirit and the Word dissolve into One.

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