Boxing Day

Yesterday, the whole family was around. David joined us in spirit. It felt good to have our gathering of friends and family on Christmas Day.

It’s Boxing Day today. David’s third year of passing. Life goes on. Rebecca, my sister and I decided to meet at Circular Quay to catch a ferry to Taronga Zoo. I was day-dreaming that the Taronga Zoo permanent residents wanted us, people to watch and listen to their story sharing.

“Don’t you just love my summer fashion statement, and I didn’t buy it from David Jones!”


And now, her turtle friend lifted his head from the water, “Hello, Fashionista!”

turtle swimming.jpg

Mr crested Fijian Iguana wanted a space in the Boxing Day gallery space too.

crested Fijian Iguana.jpg

“Sorry you can only see my bottom,” said Mrs Hippotamus, “I’m rather shy.”Hippo's bottom 1.jpg

Perched on his rock, Mr Seal called everyone to stand in attention.

seal on rock.jpg

“I want to have a say. My voice needs to be heard too,”their friend, the Pelican interjected.


Ms Python replies, “go ahead, talk, equal participation is our primary rule so we all get on and have ever lasting peace!”

pythons 1.jpg

Mr Seal began the meeting with a special performance, jumping off the water, to include people in the circle, and he cried whilst somersaulting,”This is how we show you people how to be inclusive!”seal's performance.jpgAnd from then on, we found ourselves all living in Paradise!

When I woke up, I found myself at our small park in Wilson street, Newtown, welcoming me back home.




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