David & Deborah.jpgTruth in self is hard to find.

Knowing oneself is shaped by our step and fall

like a child forever learning to walk

on a path where truth hides behind rocks,

and to love, a merging into one-kind-of-love

is like finding our balance at the edge of a cliff,

a cliff-hanger hold on to dear life, if only it is

that easy to know self in the other

and the other in the self,

a mirror truth that finds the balance

in difference, to let go is supreme love

that finds love through the emptying of self.





A pause between songs, a rest for contemplation,

And the next movement is never an empty space

But the breath of life is a signature on the sand.

No doubt, you were here, but the wind swept

the sand away into another world.

You have filled the void with memories,

so the music of your other presence

fills the air I breathed.

There was no yesterday nor tomorrow,

only the call for awakening

to honour each precious moment.

David Graham Greene.jpg


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