Looking for Love


To know love is to suffer,

to succumb to a kind of death of  ‘self’

for happiness is elusive without the other.

To love is to surrender to the vortex of mystery.


Life and death dance and circle around the altar of fire

that opens the portal of enlightenment

to quench the thirst of a longing

to inhabit the true dwelling of the heart.


‘Who am I?’ that I fall and lose my mind

when I catch a star afar, a glimpse

of a dream of consummate joy,

of paradise where pain has no place,

where life is at the fullest,

where love is beyond earthly meaning.


I open my eyes and awaken

from the depth of my unconscious slumber

and see the sky, the earth, the ocean, the stars,

the entire universe as the signature of all Creation,

a gift to behold —

the Word made flesh.


The Nameless emerges evoking a yearning

to be known without needing to ask,

to be freely chosen, to be loved in return,

and when all is done,

the circle closes and the Infinite reigns

in a world that never ends.

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