Celebrating Life well lived


Silvia, Chilean artist in Adelaide turned 80 (29 January 2017)


Serenaded at eighty at El Carbon, Adelaide


With her granddaughter


Happy Birthday, Leonie & Naomi!

L-R: Deborah (friend from Sydney), Leonie (80th on 29 January 2017)

and Naomi (Leonie’s daughter – 40th)


Happy guests at Leonie’s 80th Birthday party (celebrated on 28 January 2017)!


Happy Birthday, Naomi!

owlWise owl reflecting on Life’s journey, Adelaide Zoorain.jpg

Raindrops, Adelaide Zoo

One thought on “Celebrating Life well lived

  1. Thank you Leonie and Naomi ,thank you for the lovely photos and thank you, we enjoyed your garden party for your birthday and Naomi’s it was wonderful.I love the photos.thank you Silvia.

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