The Sydney Opera House at night

We sometimes take for granted how beautiful Sydney is right at our doorstep. Last night, my friend and I walked around the Sydney Opera House and what a wonderful sight it was to behold.

SydneyWe were simply one of these people enjoying our walk.

Opera House 1The beautiful iconic shells

OH 2aNaidoc week celebratory lights 1

Oh 3 aNaidoc week celebratory lights 2

OH4aNaidoc week celebratory lights 3

OH5aNaidoc week celebratory lights 4


Faith and devotion

In May 2017, my sisters and I took a trip to Israel, Jordan and Thailand. People around the world have a sense of transcendence. From our travel, we see people demonstrate their faith and devotion through their construct of a ‘bridge’ onto the unknown.

Devotee wpDevotee at Rooster Park, Bangkok

Prayer to Buddha wpPrayer to Buddha, Bangkok

Tourists & monkwp                             Buddhist monk taking photos of pilgrims, Bangkok

devotionCatholic nun in meditation at St Peter’s image, Israel

Gabriel at workwpPalestinian Christian, Gabriel addressing pilgrim tourists, Israel Stations of the cross Deb.jpgDeborah: imitation of Christ towards Golgotha, Israel