Collateral damage


The machinations of fools who believe

they can escape from their ghastly deeds,

from the innocent lives they wasted

to right a wrong; retribution will be found

from the cries of anguish and injustice

that will reach the heavens.

Collateral damage is no excuse

to emulate godly stance as if the end

will justify the means of killing anyone

standing in the way, where is the WAY,

as if there really is a war that can end all wars,

like the war against drugs, against warlords,

against drug pushers.

A lost cause even when there will be no more tears

left for crying for lost lives trapped in lawless crossfire.

We who look away, shrug our shoulders and simply say,

‘extrajudicial killings are a necessary evil’

will have to pay the ‘collateral damage’.

No earthly power has the right

to obliterate any soul’s breath of life.

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