Closing the circle


Gaps between words. Natural and imposed borders. A flurry of words and then, silence. Stop gaps.

Ultimately closing the circle is probably otherworldly. Those who seek perfection in the here and now are likely to be disappointed. Hereʼs an example. In response to critiques about social disparity, someone has coined the word ‘closing the gapʼ. It is undoubtedly a political measure to silence those who seek change. A clever trick of passing the buck. Gathering statistics to monitor the gap between mainstream and Indigenous Australiansʼ living standards gives the impression that the power structure is addressing the millstone of disparity or inequity. Government CEOs and the government departments they head are instructed by politicians to produce annual reports to explain, if gaps continue to persist, why policy implementation is not working. Passing the buck. Paternalism bared. As if oneʼs life condition is exclusively determined by government action or inaction. End of story.

Other imagery pops up in my head about broken lines and closing the circle. Succeeding generations sometimes try to cut themselves free from traditional continuity. They feel a need to draw their own lines, to draw their own destiny. Sometimes they go too far with separation from the original line from which their life story has emerged. Separation from the original source may give birth to disruption, exclusiveness, and divisiveness within the Self. A break from history. No attempt to understand the underlying layers that set the foundation for our becoming: the crisscrossing and interweaving lines of fate, misrepresentation and self-determination that have become the footstool of our heritage. We can turn our heads away but suppressed narratives will keep shadowing each footstep we take. There is no end to this story.

The unutterable, the unsaid will have its own turn in the end.



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