Going home


One day we are born. Another day we are gone. Like a drop in the ocean. Within that little drop, love has visited our consciousness. We have become aware of the symbiotic interweaving of the elements of life—the fruit of the first creative spark. The last of my mother’s siblings had just left this world. I was moved with tears. A leaf blown away from my heritage. We mourn our loss. Our sense of belonging blurs in the wind. Life-and-death appears to be but a passing breeze. But when we shift our gaze beyond the horizon, going home from the first breath of life surrounds our walk with inner peace. Our hearts are put to rest, notwithstanding the turmoil visited upon us by shadowy forces that dwell in our midst. Walking the path of righteousness leads us to the grandeur of love and erases all foreboding. A bridge to our ultimate home begins to materialise, lifting the burden from each step we take.

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