Croatia: a richly storied land


The diverse landscape of Croatia,

so alluring and sensuous, its natural splendour

seduces the eye, our global spirits christened

by the oceanic blue, emerge to enjoy

the harvest from the sea, the wines from

the vineyards, the oil from the olive trees, the sight

of snow-capped rugged mountains contrasting

the greenery from neighbouring parts.

I hear the orchestral performance

of dancing blue waves, imagine the light variations

feasting my eyes, walk the cobblestones across

a bygone past of a richly storied land

replete with architectural remnants

of the invaders’ legacies of triumphs and losses,

I step on two worlds simultaneously,

vicariously living the history of the old and the new,

experiencing a subliminal visitation

of the spoils of war, the spilt blood on virgin soil.

The diverse landscape of Croatia

sings a song that forgives human travesty

and embraces the common ground of all journeying souls.


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