Number 24 – global spirit travellers

IMG_3824Twenty-four travellers

stepping onto the past and present in one full sweep

in Opatija, Zadar, Dubrovnik,Montenegro,

Krka, Bled, Ljubljna—

layer upon layer of historical mementoes shine

like gold nuggets of preserved ancestral legacies.

Mediterranean climate, mountainous terrain,

lakes and oceans, seaside settlements,

Number 24 stand in awe,

casting an eye on the Adriatic Sea,

breathing fresh country air,

walking on cobblestones,

a remarkable lightning speed bolt

of cultural immersion for us,

temporarily blown away from our homelands

to see other parts of the world,

feeling our horizon of understanding broadening

when on the road, we tunnel into caves of revelation

from stories old and new, of conquest and survival—

Romans, Ottomans, Venetians, Hapsburgs, fascists, non-aligned

new face of socialism, your people’s longing for peace and unity

turning your face away from the clutches of the cold war,

and away from the umbilical cord of protectorates,

perpetually dreaming of the liberation of your country,

you have long memories of your richly storied land;

and we, Number 24 – global spirit travellers stand with you,

privileged to hear your stories!


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