Restlessness 2020


The burning bush

The burning bush in our sights.

Too close for comfort,

Dancing flames encircling our hearts

Terrorizing our souls,

The roar of nature’s fury

Redefining eternity,

Engulfing my shrinking imagination.

Where will my Dreaming dwell

When the barks of trees

Are reduced to ashes,

When thunderous silence replaces

The sweet tweets of songbirds,

When my vision of a verdant landscape

Is erased by a fiery formidable wind?

Where is the place I can call home

when the flaming red sun has crowned

the sky like a ball of fire foreboding a tragic loss?



The enemy within

Treasure each precious moment

we spend with the people we love,

the ‘other’ becomes us, even the unloved,

covid-19 pandemic’s global proportion

has brought us together to face the enemy within,

the need to walk hand in hand

to expel the fatal threat to our collective survival

imposed by the unseen, time out in our isolation

to reflect on the pointlessness of geopolitical

and biological wars, the quest for total control,

the vandalism of nature, our fatalistic faith

that the market economy will solve all our problems,

the practice of modern day slavery,

the marginalisation and disempowerment

of our fellow human beings.

Lest we forget the story of stories,

the return of our original face!



Empty space,

retail shops look like a ghost town,

people hiding in their nesting places,

running away from deathly pandemic,

once in a while, the harbinger of Death

visits the earth reminding all souls

of the fragility of material life,

forgetting when they emerge out of the womb

that what fundamentally matters

are the footsteps they choose

to take till their last breath.

What is LIFE? What is DEATH?

Why are we here? What is the bottom line?

After the storm that struck fear

in our hearts has gone,

will they return to the landscape

of forgetting?


Stillness (Sleepless in Newtown)

Darkness is not void.

Fertile shadows of my mind.

The sound of silence roars.

I am here and not here.

In between spaces of fullness.

I declare my Love.

The Universe speaks.

The Nameless.

It is mutual.

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