My unbranded faith

At the dining table WF

What is the architecture of our thinking?

It was once pronounced in the 1970s that ‘everything is political’, and of course, we can also say in the same breath, in the first decade of the 21st century,  that ‘everything is cultural’.

Or, deeper still, from my own outlook, ‘everything is spiritual’.

Even within our sphere of thinking, we set boundaries, with the effect of promulgating inclusion and exclusion. Hence, the occurrence of difference and the ‘uncommon ground’. Understandably.

But is this not a natural state of affairs beyond which we simply draw upon unreachable ideals? Perhaps. However, I see the world we live in as malleable, much like clay continually being sculpted.

Inner and outer world

My hope is to draw wider humanity’s curtain of consciousness to facilitate awareness of our common ground, to bridge the gulf between our inner and outer world. I believe this is within the realm of possibility.

Our world is not static. We have the ability to sculpt our world back into a wondrous paradise — our original face. We continue to develop, grow and evolve.


My question always is: ‘who governs our development, and who benefits as a result’?

Therein lies the question of materialising love and thus, committing to a fair share of the earth’s resources.

The notion of ‘self’: atomistic or collective?

Often these days, I hear the word ‘mindfulness’ that some people in search of a better world hope to instil in others to help heal psychological affliction.

I think we need, particularly in the developed world, to find our collective self to discover the missing link between the ego and humanity’s SOUL.


Peace is what we all seek. Creative, not dormant peace — peace that shapes the contours of our continuous becoming as a material and spiritual being.


If I drink from the mystical vessel of Creation, no need to even begin to wonder.
I would know for certain that we are ONE entwined treasure of the breath of Life’s story!

Experiencing life

Living life in the head alone is a prison. To live life in the raw broadens our vista.

Openness to mystery

Thought must be unleashed as an open-ended question. Not uncompromisingly black or white. Life is not neutral. Light has shades and shadows, often not blindingly clear.


We make a choice. We choose our walk. Insight comes from an outlook that seeps from within. Wisdom hides there. She appears when you seek her. She shows the path.


Joy leaps in our hearts each time we choose life over death, creation over destruction, courage over fear, adventure over hesitation, joy over sorrow, work over sloth.

Faith and hope

…And perpetually holding on to faith and hope out of love for all of creation, paying homage to the grace we have received that allows us to contemplate how to be, how to become.

(A few lines to enlighten readers on the evolving architecture of my thinking)

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