Another way of seeing God

The King’s Tableland Speaks

The Mountain calls seekers

yearning to set foot on celestial ground,

rivulets trickle down from face cliffs

and clear water flows through rock faces,

layers of patterns and shapes crystallise

from my luminous dream,

cultural maps drawn from sinews of veined

passages recording past lives

from 22,000 years ago, reincarnating

the breadth and depth of stories told and untold,

my shadow blends into the narratives

on the boulders, on the tessellated rocks,

and in the coolamon of old, shimmering

like a looking glass that mirrors ancient traditions

and testaments of lives lived over the ages

traced from the remnants of grinding grooves

and flake stones, and here I have found

another way to see our God.

© Deborah Ruiz Wall, Wentworth Falls, 6 April 2022

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