A chance meeting on the passing away of a common friend

Uncertainty is unsettling. The last time we met, we didn’t see eye to eye.

It seems many moons ago, and I never thought that our paths would cross again. It is uncanny that the passing away of someone we both know would make us meet face-to-face once more.

Justice is something that I don’t necessarily expect in this lifetime. An apology for your absurd outburst would seem to me to be out of character. But Mystery is an occurrence that I respect. And my open horizon leaves uncertainty to providence or to grace.

Death leaves no stone unturned. Life is the breath of the spirit. My life seems to me to be written not just by my own action or reflection. You who have crossed my path must mean something that we as yet both don’t fully understand.

I speculate and try to discern what drives our behaviour, what values or perception of truth we make as the engine that propels us to act in a certain way or to say what we say to each other.

Do we care enough about the consequences of our thought and action? Is the concern for wellbeing purely internalised or, integrated with all of life as we know it?

You are not only your thoughts but the sum total of your past, your upbringing, and your sense of selfhood, and in this sense, I do not hold you totally accountable for what you say or do. And in any case, I cannot judge you; only that my experience with you helps me grow within.

Uncertainty is both unsettling and exciting for we do not fully know what surprises life brings us.

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