For Friends, Lovers and Soul mates

Listening to musical lyrics…”What can one say when a love affair is over…” I look deeply into my soul, and I cannot honestly say that I can ‘unlove’ who I have loved.

The chain of people I meet through my walk in life is like the break of dawn, the garland of roses that affirms presence, the laughing brook that welcomes their approach, and yes, I see the ecstatic burst of majestic sunset colours fade away, but the experience of love shared, I will always hold in my heart.

Friends, lovers, and soul mates, we all create and re-create the space that both binds and frees us for we are not captives of temporal time, our existence goes beyond physical touch, and so it is, that every breath we take marks a new awakening of remembering, not a swift glance, but an all-embracing look outside time, for we live an unbroken mystery that is simply perpetually lovely.

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