Cracks on the wall

Beautiful, fragrant, colourful, majestic blossoms in the wilderness cast a magical spell, sublime feeling, a sensation eroded by time; an infant is born, a miracle offspring of love; still the momentary vision fades away, we are unable to hold onto a blessed mirage, creation re-wound, his dream of perfection remains elusive, and he looks beyond himself to attribute the source of the malaise.

A broken violin string once upon a time played angelic heavenly tunes silencing all senses. Love, a many splendour-thing, glorious light embracing all towards the heavenly bliss. But the path is replete with traps, darkness and sorrow.


By chance, she caught a glimpse of him about to catch a train. She had been away for four months overseas. His heart remained distant; his narrative and hers, an ocean apart. A mother’s heart bled with grief. A glimpse back to the past mother-infant story, her only source of relief.

Two breathing creatures inter-linked in creation seemed destined to be cast in the shadow of darkness. Her soul remained bathed in faith and hope that their forked roads would get to meet in their lifetime.

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